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The premiere!!!

Tangled Waters Story – Wednesday, November 16 the ODT printed a wonderful piece on our film and I looking at the turnout at the premiere it did its job. We had so many supporters and it was wonderful hearing from you during intermission and at the conclusion of the premiere. My classmates did a wonderful job with their films and it was a night to remember. So, now that that is over we are looking into other film festivals and distribution. Wish us luck!

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Hello everyone. I am sending out my deepest apologies for not having written in awhile. Spending all your time in an editing office with no windows makes it easy to lose track of time. BUT I return bearing good news. We have finished! Let me repeat that, WE HAVE FINISHED! On Thursday, October 13 Andrew and I will be hosting a test screening for our sponsors and handful of marine scientist to get a little feedback. Hopefully they love it and have no suggestions :-). So we will be turning our film in a good week in advance and then we will both go back into hiding to finish up our written components. The film will be premiering Wednesday, November 16 at 6:30pm along with 5 other short films at The Regent in Dunedin, NZ. We hope to see you there and I will try to at least keep the facebook page up and running while I am writing. I will let you know how it all goes. Thanks for all your support. – Nicole & Andrew

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Poster Ad

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Bagged Nets

I know we said we were wrapped, but we wanted to add a few more seconds of Thom. Who doesn’t want to see more Thom?

Yesterday the DCC was finally able to take some time and show is the nets in storage. They are bagged up in a small warehouse with the rest of the city mysteries, like benches, a boat, and things that cannot be identified. We appreciate the DCC for letting us film and take stills of the nets in what will hopefully be their final resting place. At the end of the day we got our extra footage of Thom and finished up some narration. So I promise, this time we are officially wrapped. Oh and better news I found an animator who is super excited about helping us with the graphics for our film. Yay!!! It is a lifesaver because animation is beyond my skill set, it would probably take me weeks what he can get done in days.

Nets in Storage

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It’s a Wrap!

We have finished filming and have shown our rough cut for feedback. We appreciate the feedback we did receive and are in the process of improving our film. Goal is picture lock by second week of September. So exciting!!!

Thom getting a shark's perspective.

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Plaque Unveiled

Barry Watkins and Mayor Dave Cull

Friday, August 12 at 2pm the St. Clair shark bell cast a shadow over the plaque commemorating three fatal shark attacks. A crowd of people gathered on the steps to view the unveiling and hear from Mayor Cull and Barry Watkins. Barry, a shark attack survivor, spoke about his reasoning behind the plaque, how we should remember the loss, but also how rare these incidences are. The shark attacks off the south island in the late 60s/early 70s were one of a kind and we hope they never happen again. Andrew and I were not expecting it to be so emotional for us, but seeing so many relatives of those that had passed made clear that there was no misunderstanding that we were at a memorial. With respect we placed three white roses by the plaque and others left flowers as well.

Plaque commemorating shark attack victims

Afterwards, Barry took a call from Radio 1 where they asked him about the plaque and the shark nets. Barry, from the get go, has always supported us and stood behind having the nets removed. We would also like to thank him again for acknowledging us in his speech at the unveiling. We were both touched. We finished the day with warm drinks after standing about in the chilly air. Barry headed to central Otago to meet up with family and John Darby while Andrew and I went back to the office to edit and log tape. It became very clear to us that the end of the project had come. The nets were gone, the plaque was in, and all that was left was to organize some clips into a movie. It is a bit sad in a way, but also rare to have everything go so well and to see the result of your efforts.

We look forward to seeing Barry once again in November at the premiere of our film.

ODT article on the plaque:

Radio 1 interview:

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Survivor and Board

Barry Watkins counting shark bites made to his surf board

Barry Watkins survived a great white shark attack off the beach of St. Clair some 40 years ago. While skipping school he and a few friends went surfing when him and his surf board were attacked. His left leg was bitten and just missed his femoral artery.

Barry is not only a shark attack survivor but also a shark net opposer. He thinks the nets are a joke and voiced his concern about their lack of purpose to the ODT.

On Friday, August 12 at 2pm at St. Clair next to the shark bell Barry will be donating a plaque that he made to commemorate those that were attacked by great whites off of St. Clair that did not survive.

More info on the plaque being installed:

Barry's surf board

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1st Hiccup

Unexpected Snow Day

I guess we should be pretty happy that after 7 months of shooting, campaigning, and writing that we have only had one hiccup thus far, the first and hopefully the last (knock on wood). So the nets have been decommissioned for the summer of 2011/2012, Yay! Now that we have the ending to our film and all the footage and interviews we required only one more piece to the puzzle, our presenter. An actor/communicator/comedian came on board with us pretty much at the start and has been waiting for his time to shine. The time came on Sunday, July 24. All the props were ready, the gear was prepped, and we had a schedule to be proud of. I woke up at 6:30am to make my way down to the office only to find the most unexpected hiccup. Snow! It had been the most beautiful weather for the whole week and the two days we wanted to film for had snow and ice. The hills were treacherous, people were crazy driving, and it is hard to talk your talent into getting into the water when there is snow on the ground. So…we quickly went and filmed some scenes outside in between the falling snow and hail then went indoors to film what we could. Luckily we filmed at least half of what we wanted. So better something than nothing. Now that our filming date has passed the sun has come back out and majority of the snow/ice is all melted. Errr. We have rescheduled for next Sunday and will be working fast to get all of the filming done . Cross your fingers there are no more freak snow storms.

Presenter, Thom Adams, taken back by the bizarre weather

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Monday, June 27 nestled in the conference room at the top of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery councilors voted to pass the annual plan which included the cancellation of the deployment of shark nets. Yay! So for at least a season the shark nets will not be in the water. We would have loved to have walked out of that conference room skipping and dancing, but we did not.

Councilor Collin Weatherall included in the vote to remove the nets that the nets continue to be maintained, be repaired, and kept on hand for future deployment. Unfortunately this is a topic that can be brought up year after year to the council. Hopefully with a season of no shark nets and a little extra money left in the budget the shark nets will not be voted back into the annual plan. As for Councilor Weatherall he informed us that he would like a private organization to take over the shark nets so they can be deployed at Brighton.

You have to love the man’s initiative, he is not going down without a fight. He has been bragging about the Queensland net program. Now I would consider laying off if the nets were run like they are in Australia. I still don’t agree with it, but if Dunedin had properly maintained nets, more of them, had a scientist involved, and were honest with the records I would consider their argument for the nets. Not sure how easy Collin thinks this is going to happen. The nets are quiet expensive, two permits from DoC are required, city council permission is required and who is going to pay for all this? No offense to Brighton, but it isn’t really a happening place. There is not a big population of beachgoers there so if the community just wants to “brag” that they have shark nets that may be motivating enough for them, but I think it is a bit ridiculous.

Anyway…Thank you to all who placed a submission into the DCC and for all the support you have given us. We won this battle, but it seems there is still a war. I guess only time will tell.

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Fun Production Pics

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Penguins, Vampires, and Surf Lifesavers! Oh my!

The Polar Plunge was a hit Sunday, June 19. People from around Dunedin came out in costume and bathing suit to take a dip in the chilly water off of St. Clair. After the costume competition the crowd moved onto the beach and waited for the start signal. Fifteen seconds into the water and five back out. Most went out a few meters to get their full body soaked by a wave and came back in, while others lingered in the water to test the time it took to turn blue. Surf lifesavers put on a demonstration for the crowd before the plunge and went to work during it. Money that was raised during the event will go toward the St. Clair Surf Lifesaving Club. Participants were warmed up with a warm water fire hose shower and soup on the esplanade. Crowds didn’t linger long heading back to the warmth of their cars and homes.

For more pictures check out the Polar Plunge album on our facebook page!

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