Posted by: nicschafer | June 21, 2011


Penguins, Vampires, and Surf Lifesavers! Oh my!

The Polar Plunge was a hit Sunday, June 19. People from around Dunedin came out in costume and bathing suit to take a dip in the chilly water off of St. Clair. After the costume competition the crowd moved onto the beach and waited for the start signal. Fifteen seconds into the water and five back out. Most went out a few meters to get their full body soaked by a wave and came back in, while others lingered in the water to test the time it took to turn blue. Surf lifesavers put on a demonstration for the crowd before the plunge and went to work during it. Money that was raised during the event will go toward the St. Clair Surf Lifesaving Club. Participants were warmed up with a warm water fire hose shower and soup on the esplanade. Crowds didn’t linger long heading back to the warmth of their cars and homes.

For more pictures check out the Polar Plunge album on our facebook page!



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